Not-so-frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the Silver Times?
The Silver Times is currently written by a team of several free and independent professional journalists from all over Europe. The Chief-in-Editor role is currently fulfilled by AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona.

How do I contact the Silver Times?
You don’t. In Soviet Russia, the Silver Times will contact you. Especially if our reporters believe you hold valuable information. If you live elsewhere, you may contact us at, but do so at your own risk.

My name is used in a Silver Times article and I don’t want this.
In some rare, exceptional cases, the Silver Times uses satire. This is considered a form of free speech and expression. The freedom to do so is protected under Belgian law. We use made-up names from a name generator in all of our articles, with the exception in cases where people candidating for or elected in positions of power are being satirized. In those cases we strive to only use the first name of said person, to avoid their name being found through search engines. Any other cases of actual names of members being used are purely coincidental. If you have questions about name or photo usage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

What is your favorite traffic sign?
Out of all the questions you could have ask, why this one? No really, why? How is this possibly relevant? You gave me way more questions in return! Better answer those before you ask me more questions. Question line closed!

Where is Anna Pamplona really from? Bielefeld doesn’t exist!
The so-called “fact” that Bielefeld does not exist is a conspiracy that was funded by the German government. Trust us on that one.

How does Anna Pamplona look?
Generally with her eyes, but in her dreams she sometimes has interesting visionary views. This is how she for example discovered the leak and therefore was able to announce Spring Agora Vladivostok before it’s official announcement!

Does the Silver Times offer grants, scholarships and internships?
No, however if you convince your university to pay for it and are willing to do hard labour (our coffee machine doesn’t refill itself) for just about no money, we might reconsider.

My name is not used in a Silver Times article and I don’t want this.
Feel free to e-mail us with a suggestion on why to use your name and what for and we may consider using it.

Are there proofreaders and fact-checkers at the Silver Times?
Our editors are highly trained to not make any grammar- or spelling mitsakes while writing their articles, and we have never discovered any errors. Some of our editors are skilled fact-checkers, and check other AEGEE-related media for “alternative facts” or just flat out lies. Especially the Golden Times is known for this.

Do I need a visa to read the Silver Times?
No, you don’t need a visa to read the silver times, as long as you are not a citizen of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In case you have a card that reads VISA, please contact us. Be sure to include all numbes on front and back of the card for uhh… verification purposes!

My name is Gunnar and I would like to have a date with Anna Pamplona, what pickup-line should I use?
Offering her a Golden Time seems to work.

Where can I enter my dietary requirements prior to visiting the Silver Times?
You can send any dietary requirements you may have by e-mail to Especially if you are both vegan and carnivorious. We will need some time to cook you up some deliciousness.

If the Silver Times was an animal, what would it be and why would it be a Unicorn?
Well obviously the unicorn would be the only right answer, to express how unique we are.

I am easily offended and do not like the content of the Silver Times. What do I do now?
Please click this link, and enjoy the smooth, relaxing and non-offensive version of this website. Please send us an e-mail if you see the logo hit the corner. We’ve been watching that motherfucker bounce around for days and still didn’t see it happen. Gunnar claims he saw it happen. We don’t believe him.