Netflix buys rights to plenary sessions

After each session of Agora has finished, Netflix will add them to their collection of TV-shows and movies. Netflix hopes to reach more AEGEE members with their services. A mandatory fee of €7 will be added to the membership fee.

Réka from Debrecen is really delighted with this new way to experience the Agora: “I just finished watching Sherlock when the plenaries came online. I immediately started binge watching them and I love it! Especially the morning plenary. It was just like Netflix & Chill”

There was some confusion amongst some of the participants. Gabriella from AEGEE-Pecs: “I couldn’t find the James Bond party, but it turned out I was watching Netflix Kids.”

Some AEGEE-related shows released on Netflix

The show CD HOUSE MD will be released in a few months under the Drama section of Netflix.

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Prytania turns into “How to see the CIA changes” workshop

During the Data Privacy Policy Statement Review, so many people were unable to find the actual changes to the CIA, chairperson Timo decided to postpone the prytania to a later date, and give a workshop on the inner workings of the voting system instead. Many delegates were very keen to find out more about how everything worked.

Participant Jesse said “It’s my third Agora as a delegate but before today, I had no clue how this worked. It was really good to finally understand this important part of our organization. It turned out to be just a few clicks on the voting website.”

Unfortunately, due to the this change, participants of this prytania did technically not attend the prytania, so their attendence is not recorded. They will therefore not meet their antenna criteria.

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Sometimes, when we waddle through the pile of pending e-mails meant for ANNOUNCE-L, we come across some very interesting or weird e-mails. This one from SUCT however, really shocked us, because very important news that will affect every single member is being kept from us. Probably because they want to announce it during the Agora itself. But off course we don’t want to keep you waiting, so here goes:

“We are very sorry to inform you that after 30 years, the Summer University Project has ended. The effect this will have on our Summers is big. Effective immediately on the first day of Summer (21st of June 2019) SUCT will be no more.

Due to a decrease in temperature, Europe was embraced in an arctic polar drift and temperatures won’t be the same for many years. The working style of the SUCT will not be compatible with the weather and thus it is our responsibility to step down in order for the Agora to decide on the future of this project. As you can imagine, this has been a very hard decision to make, but we are optimistic that even in winter we can learn a lot during Winter Universities.

The decision was unanimous as we all wanted to head south where there is still some warmth left. We are considering Las Palmas. We will however make sure that there is a smooth knowledge transfer to the yet to be formed the WUCT (Winter University Coordination Team).

We would like to thank all of you for entrusting your summers with us, we really enjoyed it. We will now go and enjoy the warmth in the south, from where we hope to actually have no connection with AEGEE in any way.”

WUCT Poster

Not a single one of the members of the Comité Directeur was available to respond this. We could also not get in touch with WUCT about the matter.

AGORA DRINKING GAME – 7 random words from Presidential candidates

The game is easy. If any of these words are mentioned, you have to take a shot. Good luck making it ’till the end of this plenary.

  • Gender-friendly (1x by Daniel)
  • Blame-tendency (1x by Roberto)
  • Concrete Examples (used by all candidates)
  • Volunteers (several times by all candidates)
  • Double-edged sword (3x by Roberto)
  • Continuity (at least 10x by Evrim)
  • Education (at least 342x Roberto)

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Candidate distracted by echo and accidentally applies for Secretary General

During his speech, candidate for President of AEGEE-Europe Daniel, got so distracted by the echo in the plenary hall, he accidentally misspoke and therefore candidated for the function of Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe.

When asked, JC officer Giuseppe said “We looked it up in the CIA, but what you say in person during your presentation is leading for the function you are applying for. So even though we completely understand that this is a mistake, there is nothing we can do. Daniel is now a candidate for Secretary General”.

DELEGATES BEWARE: Coffee table attendance mandatory

Delegates be aware: At Agora Istanbul it was decided that next to 100% attendance at pretanya’s, 80% attendance at plenaries, delegates also need 90% attendance at the morning gym coffee table.

CD candidate Oksana: “I’m really glad they introduced this rule, so the delegates are actually awake during the morning plenary. Actually, from the next agora on, let’s make an obligatory morning gym bootcamp session!”

Flag Watch formed during Agora Bucuresti

Theft of flags and mascotts has always been an annoying problem within our network and the members of the Comité directeur have finally stepped up to start mapping how big this problem actually is. That’s why today the members of the Comité Directeur announced that the Flag Watch was formed.

The flag watch acknowledges that AEGEE strives for a more borderless Europe, but not for a more flagless Europe. Flag Watch member Zhenya explains: “We have a team of volunteers to observe plenaries, prytania and progress meetings while tracking flag stealing acts. We cooperate closely with the Chair team. Furthermore, participants had to enter in their application if they will bring a flag to the agora. A presentation about our findings, including our punishment dance for losing our own flag will be given during the closing plenary.”

If you ever feel flagsually harassed, feel free to contact this Agora’s Flag Person. The Emergency Flag number is on the back of your badge underneath the Safe Person.

PLEASE NOTE: The Silver Times is a website of satire. We strive to liven up your AEGEE experience by making satirical articles about anything that happens in our association, and we reserve the right to humorise and satirise any working group, project group, interest group or other European Body. Sexual Harassment itself is however very much not a funny thing. If you ever feel unsafe or unconfortable around someones advancements, please immediately get in touch with the safe person of Agora Bucuresti.

BREAKING – Gunnar to become Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur

As you may have noticed already, during Agora Bucharest, Gunnar, honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and former member of of AEGEE-Esslingen (deleted as a contact in 1999) has applied for the role of Member of the Comité.

What not many people noticed, is that this will be his 30th candidature for a European role within AEGEE. For 15 consecutive years, he applied for many different roles within the network, but never got elected.

Former President of AGEEE-Europe Loes has a lot of respect for the fact that he tried so often: “When someone puts so much of his effort and time into writing those application letters for so many years in a row, this should be rewarded”.

Loes also has a plan: “We have been working closely with Les Anciens and arranged that 5 former Presidents of AEGEE-Europe and 10 former members of the Comité Directeur will sign an agreement make Gunnar an Honary Member of the Comité Directeur during Agora Bucharest”.

Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur means that he receives a double of the fee that normal members of the Comité Directeur do, and will get a room to live in in the attic of the CD-house. His membership of the Comité Directeur will be extended indefinitely, and even Gunnar himself cannot choose to step out.

Not many people know about the existence of the role of Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur, and that is because it is not listed in the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense. It is however listed in the Corpus Iuridicum Les Anciens, which as you may know overrules the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense. The CILA also describes the procedure Loes is referring to.

Because Spyros stepped down as President of AEGEE-Europe, Gunnar will become President of AEGEE-Europe effective immediately.

Non-member seated next to non-member by pure coincidence!

Two non-AEGEE members accidentally met eachother on a flight between Prague and Moscow. Jirka Hladík from Brno, one of the non-members: “I immediately recognized him as being an non-member, because he was wearing a hoodie without an AEGEE logo or antenna name. Amongst all the AEGEE members on the plane this was quite a unique experience.”

Hladík really liked meeting his new friend. “I never met him, but being a non-AEGEE member from Bordeaux I found him to be a really fun guy! I might send him a Snapchat soon.”

Grégory Jacquier: “Yeah, it was a really big coincidence to meet Jirka at random in an airplane. He was seated right next to me? What are the odds of that?”