Founded in 1951, the Silver Times started to be the first association-wide news source, offering free and independent highly acclaimed Pan-European news to Pan-European Citizens and AEGEE-members. Fun fact: Bianck Francheri, founder of the Silver Times is actually one of the best friends of later Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times, Franck.

In 1970, the Silver Times contributed greatly to Agora Nagyszeben by suggesting to have a presidential debate between the 24 presidential candidates. While the debate turned into a total chaos with physical mud-throwing and two candidates even drawing pistols, the founder of AEGEE-Nagyszeben looks back at this agora with great joy and an ever hurting bullet wound.

In 1985, the Silver Times went on a 3 month undercover mission to the CD-house in Bielefeld and discovered that a Golden Times-article about the so called “Founding of AEGEE” was entirely satirical, fake, made up, and not based on any truth whatsoever. The Silver Times earned the 1986 Charlemange Youth Press Prize for the journalistic masterpiece they wrote on the matter.

In 1996, the Silver Times was co-sponsor (together with Shell Estonia) of the “Great European PR Challenge”, causing thousands and thousands of new AEGEE members to sign up for the association through all over Europe.

In 2003, the members of the Comité Directeur tried to officially shut down the Silver Times, by closing down the hosting account of the Silver Times on the back then popular AEGEE-Server in Enschede. This caused so much uproar that eventually on the 3rd of december of 2003, an extraordinary Agora was held where the entire Comité Directeur was dismissed after a motion of confidence was accepted with 99.8% of the votes in favor.

In 2019, during Spring Agora Bucuresti, the Silver Times was highly praised by many AEGEE-members for providing better coverage of the Agora than any of AEGEE’s official channels.

Since early may 2019, the Silver Times is available as online-only magazine, in order to evade Belgian law and taxes, and to save the environment.