With great pleasure we are announced that with extensive investigative journalism, our reporter Гуннаря Земля have found out who will be the hosting local of Spring Agora 2020! AEGEE-Vladivostok will host Spring Agora Vladivostok 2020! Misha Kavronov, main organizer of the Agora: “It is so great we’re finally able to organize an Agora in Russia. […]

Antenna Criterea Reform mistake: 75% of BEST becomes AEGEE

Due to a mistake in the terms in the Antenna Criteria proposal which was missed by the prytania, it now means that if the proposal gets accepted, 72 Local BEST Groups, will de facto become part of our AEGEE Network. The representing BEST officer Cecilija was shocked by this fact, but explained: “It was in […]

DELEGATES BEWARE: Coffee table attendance mandatory

Delegates be aware: At Agora Istanbul it was decided that next to 100% attendance at pretanya’s, 80% attendance at plenaries, delegates also need 90% attendance at the morning gym coffee table. CD candidate Oksana: “I’m really glad they introduced this rule, so the delegates are actually awake during the morning plenary. Actually, from the next […]