Twin Antenna Signature mixup – AEGEE-Passau now Twins with Comité Directeur

During the signing of the Twin Antenna Agreement between AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Passau, the signatures of AEGEE-Delft and the Comité Directeur were switched. This means that AEGEE-Passau and the Comité Directeur are now officially Twins! Quentin from the Juridical Commission confirmed it: “According to Belgian Law, when a signature has been placed, it’s final and cannot […]

Sign Language workshop announced!

The organizers of this beautiful agora never cease to amaze us. After managing to find a new hosting place for 800+ people in just 48 hours, the core team now has managed to provide a much requested skill. Today’s afternoon workshop will be “Learning Unified European Sign language”. We talked to María from AEGEE-Valencia and […]

Pompeii trip cancelled

Sad news: Upon arriving in Pompeii, the whole city turned to be covered in volcanic ashes. The bus full of participants will go to the plenary sessions instead, hoping they will arrive before they are over. Many visitors were really excited to see the ancient city in it’s full glory, and were really disappointed that […]

BREAKING – Vesuvius Eruption Expected, Gym location moved!

BREAKING NEWS – Agora Salerno Organizers decided together with the Secretary General of the Comité Directeur that the Gym Location will be moved. This unfortunate decision was made after meteorologists predicted volcanic activity for the nearby active Vesuvius volcano. The first participants already arrived at the new Gym at the Cagliari campus earlier this afternoon, […]