EOT6 STAGED: “never went anywhere by train”

Today, during the Europe on Track presentation, the wrong presentation was accidentally shown. It was a making-off video, where it was shown how all the nice video’s were all staged and made in a studio in front of a green screen. Hanna from EoT admits the hoax: “Yes, we messed up. We used the Interrail […]


Sometimes, when we waddle through the pile of pending e-mails meant for ANNOUNCE-L, we come across some very interesting or weird e-mails. This one from SUCT however, really shocked us, because very important news that will affect every single member is being kept from us. Probably because they want to announce it during the Agora […]

Flag Watch formed during Agora Bucuresti

Theft of flags and mascotts has always been an annoying problem within our network and the members of the Comité directeur have finally stepped up to start mapping how big this problem actually is. That’s why today the members of the Comité Directeur announced that the Flag Watch was formed. The flag watch acknowledges that […]

TSU Tartu to be completely CO² neutral

In AEGEE, we always strive to leave a carbon footprint as small as possible, and where doable even leave the world a little bit better as we enter it. That’s why our reporter was very delighted to see that AEGEE-Tartu & AEGEE-Eindhoven are organizing a very special Traveling Summer University this year! During this Traveling […]