Veva: Plenary to be over soon

Veva: “People, please be silent! This plenary will be over soon. We just have some announcements, six twin antennae announcements, a presentation, two voting sessions, a discussion with obligatory attendance for Dutch delegates, a christmas party, 5 external parties presenting themselves, the announcement of AEGEE-Vladivostok as host of Spring Agora 2020, a heated disagreement between […]

I, Anna Pamplona, am Gunnar Erth

Off course everybody knew already, but I think it’s time we make an official statement about this: “Yes, Anna Pamplona is me, Gunnar Erth. I used to make the Golden Times, which was a satirical fake news website meant to entertain participants of the Agora during boring plenaries. I founded the Silver Times because I […]

Daniël to bring a Grand Piano to CD House

CD Canidate Daniël is considering bringing a Grand Piano to the CD House if he gets elected as member of the Comité Directeur, he told us in an exclusive interview. “I just love playing instruments like the Piano, Harp, Bass Guitar, Djembé drums, Triangle, Nose flute and Violin, and I can hardly imagine having to […]

CD Candidate Interview: Oksana

It always moves our hearts here at the Silver Times to see many candidates applying for the Comité Directeur, willing to dedicate a year of their lives to live in Bielefeld and work for AEGEE-Europe. One of the candidates for CD member was Oksana and we were delighted that she had the availability for us […]