An AGORA-L debacle: Subscribed for life

After deep investigations by our reporter Anna Pamplona, we found out that unsubscribing from AEGEE’s mailing lists, AGORA-L seems more impossible than possible. We still haven’t found a good reason why anyone would ever want to unsubscribe from AGORA-L, but we’re journalists and think outside of the box. So, as a matter of test, we […]

Post-agora Depression to becomes Pre-agora Depression

As always, when traveling home after a big AEGEE event, and especially after an Agora, people de facto get depressed a bit from missing out the addictive positive vibe of being all together with so many lovely and like-minded people, and witnessing democracy at it’s very best. Good news from the JC! This is about […]

BREAKING – Eindhoven & Tilburg to become Twins!

One more Twin Antenna Announcement! AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Tilburg will become Twin Antennae, naming themselves AEGEE-Brabant! PR representative of AEGEE-Tilburg, Ellen, responds: “We’ve been closer than ever before, and it sometimes feels like we’re only 30 kilometers apart. There was a lot of mutual love, and we decided to share our love with the rest of […]

Non-member seated next to non-member by pure coincidence!

Two non-AEGEE members accidentally met eachother on a flight between Prague and Moscow. Jirka Hladík from Brno, one of the non-members: “I immediately recognized him as being an non-member, because he was wearing a hoodie without an AEGEE logo or antenna name. Amongst all the AEGEE members on the plane this was quite a unique […]