BREAKING – The Wall is gone!

Breaking News from Bielefeld: The wall between the CD house and their neighbours (The main office of BEST) has been torn down! After the inauguration of BEST within AEGEE earlier this year, rumors of the wall being taken down have been in the air for quite a while. Recently, a speech by president of board […]

Twin Antenna Signature mixup – AEGEE-Passau now Twins with Comité Directeur

During the signing of the Twin Antenna Agreement between AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Passau, the signatures of AEGEE-Delft and the Comité Directeur were switched. This means that AEGEE-Passau and the Comité Directeur are now officially Twins! Quentin from the Juridical Commission confirmed it: “According to Belgian Law, when a signature has been placed, it’s final and cannot […]

Candidate distracted by echo and accidentally applies for Secretary General

During his speech, candidate for President of AEGEE-Europe Daniel, got so distracted by the echo in the plenary hall, he accidentally misspoke and therefore candidated for the function of Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe. When asked, JC officer Giuseppe said “We looked it up in the CIA, but what you say in person during your presentation […]