If the Financial Budget is not approved, AEGEE-Europe will go in a “Statutory Shutdown”, and the members of the Comité Directeur will not get paid their fee for as long as the shutdown lasts. All European Bodies will come to a halt and Europe on Track will be stranded wherever they currently are. The Juridical […]

COPYRIGHT BATTLE – Comité Directeur versus Silver Times

During these past few days the Silver Times has been publishing many articles on relevant topics related to the Agora in Bucharest. In many posts copyright free images were used, however we are only human and we messed up. During the Statement on Copyrighted images, we found that we should also make statement. The picture […]

Candidate distracted by echo and accidentally applies for Secretary General

During his speech, candidate for President of AEGEE-Europe Daniel, got so distracted by the echo in the plenary hall, he accidentally misspoke and therefore candidated for the function of Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe. When asked, JC officer Giuseppe said “We looked it up in the CIA, but what you say in person during your presentation […]

BREAKING – Gunnar to become Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur

As you may have noticed already, during Agora Bucharest, Gunnar, honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and former member of of AEGEE-Esslingen (deleted as a contact in 1999) has applied for the role of Member of the Comité. What not many people noticed, is that this will be his 30th candidature for a European role within AEGEE. […]

Daniël to bring a Grand Piano to CD House

CD Canidate Daniël is considering bringing a Grand Piano to the CD House if he gets elected as member of the Comité Directeur, he told us in an exclusive interview. “I just love playing instruments like the Piano, Harp, Bass Guitar, Djembé drums, Triangle, Nose flute and Violin, and I can hardly imagine having to […]

CD Candidate Interview: Oksana

It always moves our hearts here at the Silver Times to see many candidates applying for the Comité Directeur, willing to dedicate a year of their lives to live in Bielefeld and work for AEGEE-Europe. One of the candidates for CD member was Oksana and we were delighted that she had the availability for us […]

Mystery unraveled: CD-House found in Bielefeld, Germany

For years it has been a mystery where our money went and where the CD-house was actually located. Official documents stated it being in a so-called city “Brussels” or “Bruxelles” or “Brussel”, depending on who you ask and what Era the documents are from. Brussels, seemingly located in a country known as “Belgium”, is a […]