Agora 2020 issue solved with twinning: Yereskva

The Spring Agora 2020 issue has been resolved by the members of the JC and the members of the Comité Directeur who after a really good European Night at 07.00 came up with a brilliant idea! The members of the JC will propose for AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Yerevan will be forced to become twin antennae and […]


The Chair of the Agora has decided to move the European Night until tomorrow 13:00 to have people be able to attend the extraordinary plenary in a non-hungover way. In support of AEGEE-Yerevan, proposed hosting local of the Spring Agora 2020, European Night will be renamed to Yerevanian Noon.

Dutchies Plot Hostile Replacement of Chair

Several Dutchies lead by AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Enschede & AEGEE-Delft have been found to be planning a hostile takeover of the Chair of the Agora. Hostile takeovers are done very often within bars within the Dutch Student culture, but this is the first time this happens within AEGEE on a European level and outside of the Netherlands. […]

BREAKING – Eindhoven & Tilburg to become Twins!

One more Twin Antenna Announcement! AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Tilburg will become Twin Antennae, naming themselves AEGEE-Brabant! PR representative of AEGEE-Tilburg, Ellen, responds: “We’ve been closer than ever before, and it sometimes feels like we’re only 30 kilometers apart. There was a lot of mutual love, and we decided to share our love with the rest of […]

Veva: Plenary to be over soon

Veva: “People, please be silent! This plenary will be over soon. We just have some announcements, six twin antennae announcements, a presentation, two voting sessions, a discussion with obligatory attendance for Dutch delegates, a christmas party, 5 external parties presenting themselves, the announcement of AEGEE-Vladivostok as host of Spring Agora 2020, a heated disagreement between […]

Found at Lost&Found: True Love

“I was looking for my hoodie without expectation to find anything else than smelly beer-drained T-shirts, and there he was!” AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona We are delighted to announce that the Lost&Found made by the local organizers of Agora Bucuresti turned out to be exceptionally useful! This morning in the gym, AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona […]


With great pleasure we are announced that with extensive investigative journalism, our reporter Гуннаря Земля have found out who will be the hosting local of Spring Agora 2020! AEGEE-Vladivostok will host Spring Agora Vladivostok 2020! Misha Kavronov, main organizer of the Agora: “It is so great we’re finally able to organize an Agora in Russia. […]

Antenna Criterea Reform mistake: 75% of BEST becomes AEGEE

Due to a mistake in the terms in the Antenna Criteria proposal which was missed by the prytania, it now means that if the proposal gets accepted, 72 Local BEST Groups, will de facto become part of our AEGEE Network. The representing BEST officer Cecilija was shocked by this fact, but explained: “It was in […]