Found at Lost&Found: True Love

“I was looking for my hoodie without expectation to find anything else than smelly beer-drained T-shirts, and there he was!” AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona We are delighted to announce that the Lost&Found made by the local organizers of Agora Bucuresti turned out to be exceptionally useful! This morning in the gym, AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona […]

AGORA DRINKING GAME – 7 random words from Presidential candidates

The game is easy. If any of these words are mentioned, you have to take a shot. Good luck making it ’till the end of this plenary. Gender-friendly (1x by Daniel) Blame-tendency (1x by Roberto) Concrete Examples (used by all candidates) Volunteers (several times by all candidates) Double-edged sword (3x by Roberto) Continuity (at least […]

BREAKING – Gunnar to become Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur

As you may have noticed already, during Agora Bucharest, Gunnar, honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and former member of of AEGEE-Esslingen (deleted as a contact in 1999) has applied for the role of Member of the Comité. What not many people noticed, is that this will be his 30th candidature for a European role within AEGEE. […]

7 easy ways to make friends during your first Agora

Here at the Silver Times we are really delighted to see so many new faces in Bucuresti even the day before the Agora actually started! But, as always, first time Agora participants generally have no clue whatsoever how the AEGEE politics work and how they should behave. That’s why we want to help you a […]