An AGORA-L debacle: Subscribed for life

After deep investigations by our reporter Anna Pamplona, we found out that unsubscribing from AEGEE’s mailing lists, AGORA-L seems more impossible than possible. We still haven’t found a good reason why anyone would ever want to unsubscribe from AGORA-L, but we’re journalists and think outside of the box. So, as a matter of test, we […]

Post-agora Depression to becomes Pre-agora Depression

As always, when traveling home after a big AEGEE event, and especially after an Agora, people de facto get depressed a bit from missing out the addictive positive vibe of being all together with so many lovely and like-minded people, and witnessing democracy at it’s very best. Good news from the JC! This is about […]

Thank you!

Dear reader, Only 2 days before Agora Bucuresti started, a new idea was formed and realised. With a lot of inspiration from a lot of friends within AEGEE, I was able to get the website up & running in virtually no time. AEGEE is a great organisation, but sometimes arguments or discussions that are important […]

Agora 2020 issue solved with twinning: Yereskva

The Spring Agora 2020 issue has been resolved by the members of the JC and the members of the Comité Directeur who after a really good European Night at 07.00 came up with a brilliant idea! The members of the JC will propose for AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Yerevan will be forced to become twin antennae and […]

Veva: Plenary to be over soon

Veva: “People, please be silent! This plenary will be over soon. We just have some announcements, six twin antennae announcements, a presentation, two voting sessions, a discussion with obligatory attendance for Dutch delegates, a christmas party, 5 external parties presenting themselves, the announcement of AEGEE-Vladivostok as host of Spring Agora 2020, a heated disagreement between […]

TIMO ADMITS: There are more directions than just Left & Right

Mr. Left & Right Timo, Chairperson of the Agora just made a statement about directions, admitting there are more directions than just left and right. To show this to the Agora, he showed his amazing dance movements to bend into all directions he could imagine. What can be seen is that he still moves a […]

Antenna Criterea Reform mistake: 75% of BEST becomes AEGEE

Due to a mistake in the terms in the Antenna Criteria proposal which was missed by the prytania, it now means that if the proposal gets accepted, 72 Local BEST Groups, will de facto become part of our AEGEE Network. The representing BEST officer Cecilija was shocked by this fact, but explained: “It was in […]

COPYRIGHT BATTLE – Comité Directeur versus Silver Times

During these past few days the Silver Times has been publishing many articles on relevant topics related to the Agora in Bucharest. In many posts copyright free images were used, however we are only human and we messed up. During the Statement on Copyrighted images, we found that we should also make statement. The picture […]