First pax arrived at Frušk Agora 2022

Great news! The first participants of the Agora have arrived at the location – or at least, they thought so. When they arrived in Novi Sad, they took a cab and asked the driver to bring them to the Agora he knew about. The taxi driver responded “Frušk Agora, coming right up!” and 30 minutes […]

EXTRA AGORA – Impeachment procedure called after shocking discovery

Unique in AEGEE History: An Extraordinary Agora will most likely be held in January as part of the impeachment procedure called against AEGEE-Nijmegen member and European Citizenship Working Group Coordinator Maaike. In a recent and seemingly innocent interview about her new tasks as coordinator, Maaikes tongue slipped and she accidentally revealed that her ‘guilty pleasure’ […]

BREAKING – The Wall is gone!

Breaking News from Bielefeld: The wall between the CD house and their neighbours (The main office of BEST) has been torn down! After the inauguration of BEST within AEGEE earlier this year, rumors of the wall being taken down have been in the air for quite a while. Recently, a speech by president of board […]

LEAKED: Remote CD team building activities

Being a member of the Comité Directeur is hectic and hard. That’s why normally the members of the Comité Directeur have quite some team building activities. For example, the previous Comité Directeur regularly played minigolf and they also did some Escape Rooms. In one case, Matis took just under 5 hours to escape the cheapest […]

European Night will become Plenary night!

All the people talking and Veva’s remark about it inspired the local organizers to a way to still have a fun night alltogether! The closing plenary and therefore the agora, will not be closed until 4AM. The plenary will continue with several added agenda topics: Normally during the opening plenary, the Statement of Principles is […]

Twin Antenna Signature mixup – AEGEE-Passau now Twins with Comité Directeur

During the signing of the Twin Antenna Agreement between AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Passau, the signatures of AEGEE-Delft and the Comité Directeur were switched. This means that AEGEE-Passau and the Comité Directeur are now officially Twins! Quentin from the Juridical Commission confirmed it: “According to Belgian Law, when a signature has been placed, it’s final and cannot […]

Silent Disco during Morning Plenary

This morning, a silent disco was held during the morning plenary. Many participants rented a wireless headphone and listened to music in stead of to the plenary. Sunmoon from Nijmegen was a big fan: “I really loved the music, and it was very good to have some distraction from the discussion on wether the Schulze […]

Autumn Agora Vladivostok 2020 Confirmed!

If you missed yesterday’s most important news, here it is: After a difficult procedure, the Autumn Agora 2020 is finally confirmed to be in Vladivostok! Today during the evening plenary, the Agora ratified the decision to hold the Agora at the venue of our easternmost antenna! Misha Kavronov, main organizer of the Agora: “It is […]