At the Agora, many new initiatives are presented to the world for the first time. For the first physical Agora in 2,5 years, a new working group called “The Old Happy” has been founded! Several old AEGEE members are working together to the participants some old happiness. This will be achieved in many ways. For example, during the opening ceremony, aside from the usual sign language interpreter, there will also be a mime player and a jazz band. After the ceremony is over, a stand up comedian will perform ‘The roast of the CD’, and later that evening the open mic tournament starts.

Old AEGEE-Debrecen member Gundalf von Urph explains why: “With the pandemic in the past few years and now the tensions all over Europe, we realized there was a lot of new sadness in Europe. We couldn’t possibly relativize away all the new sadness, but with age comes experience and knowledge, and one bit of knowledge is that you always need happy things in life. And when there are not many new happy things, it’s always good to bring back the old happy things.”

During the plenaries, the Old Happy working group will be sending old CD members dressed as clowns, to remember the participants of the old happiness they need in their life.

Sad or happy? Mental wellbeing is important, especially at an intensive event like an Agora, you’re important to you. Did you know AEGEE has a Mental Health focus area? Check them out at their website.

Published by Anna Pamplona

Anna Pamplona is the founder and Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times, and has written many investigative articles. She received the Golden Silver Times-award for her article about unraveling the real location of the CD house in Bielefeld.