During a stunning F5-night, former president of AEGEE-Bielefeld and Chief-in-Editor of the popular Silver Times magazine Anna Pamplona will be running for the function of President of AEGEE-Europe to be elected during in the spring of 2020. She announced her candidature during a drunken night out in Dublin, wanting to visit the hometown of member of the Comité Directeur & Secretary General Monika for an upcoming report.

Pamplona’s candidature came as a surprise to many, including AEGEE-Aachen member Angelique: “This came as an even bigger surprise than Hemmo from AEGEE-Eindhoven (or Leuven or Tilburg, I actually have no clue) running for SecGen”. Honorary member of the Comité Directeur Gunnar Erth responds to the candidature as well: “Holy Shit, this might be one of the best candidate since the last time I ran for President!”.

Out editor made friends with the JC (alcohol ís a solution) and got them to send a few points from her program:

  • Free Visa cards for everyone
  • Open more European borders, except to France
  • Keep Europe on track (Don’t let Europe derail)
  • CD gets designated survivor during statutory events
  • Extend Bus leaving deadline to 10 minutes
  • Shut down the AEGEEan and Golden Times for spreading Fake News

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