Great news! You will soon be able to follow all the drama happening in the board of AEGEE-London on Netflix in the new series ‘Law & Ordeeeer’.

AEGEE-London member John B. is really enthousiastic about it: “Law is my field of studies and I really love the concept of order. I even named my cat ‘Order’. He listens really well when I call him out loud. In my previous job as secretary of the local Agora, I had to shout out loud to remain order in the local plenary hall”.

As you may know the British antenna and their members are struggling on wether or not to leave the AEGEE Network, and countless amounts of board meetings are devoted to working out a deal with the members of the Comité Directeur on a Soft AExit.

Boris J., member of the aexit-commission and also executive producer of Law & Ordeeeer believes in a solid future for the TV-show: “No matter how close the AExit may seem, there is always room for an extension. We had several ‘No AExit’-days, most recently on the 31st of October, and I strongly . believe those days are perfect for having Law & Ordeeeer viewing parties.”

The first two seasons of the hit-series to be are available from now on, and are not the only AEGEE-related shows on Netflix. Depending on the succes of Law & Ordeeeer, a spin-off called ‘Belgian Law & Ordeeeer’ might be made as well.

The partnerships officer of AEGEE-Europe is currently working with the streaming agency to see if they can offer a discounted Netflix & Chill package deal.

Published by ბორის ჯოჰნსონ

ბორის is a journalist working for the Silver Times. While coming from Tblisi, ბორის now lives in London. Also active in AEGEE-London and reports about the pending AExit of the antenna.