Dear participants of the Agora, Visitors, Delegates, members of European Bodies,

Thank you for reading the Silver Times during Autumn Agora Salerno! I am really glad that this silly project was a big success, and that so many people enjoyed reading it. I got so many positive and lovely comments about the articles I wrote, it really warmed me up. I absolutely love writing the utter utter bullshit that the Silver Times can sometimes be.

What I love even more is the instant smile I see on peoples faces in the seconds after I published a new article and push messages get sent out.

AEGEE is a great organisation, but sometimes arguments or discussions that are important to our whole network can get a bit heated. This is normal, and this is good, but AEGEE should above all be a place of fun. One of the most powerful ways of controlling the mood is humor, especially when things seem heated.

That is the exact reason why I founded the Silver Times. I hope that The Silver Times helped even a tiny bit to lighten moods at moments when things were though, long and boring, or just when you could use a good laugh. Agora Salerno was a though Agora. It was though for the participants and even more though for the organizers.

What I absolutely adore is the massive effort that the organizers put into organizing this Agora. No matter how much went wrong at the least predictable time, this Agora was amazing.

Enjoy your last moments in Salerno, and have a safe ride home.

See you somewhere in Europe!

With lots of love, Anna Pamplona
Member of AEGEE-Bielefeld

Hemmo de Vries
Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times