This morning, a silent disco was held during the morning plenary. Many participants rented a wireless headphone and listened to music in stead of to the plenary. Sunmoon from Nijmegen was a big fan: “I really loved the music, and it was very good to have some distraction from the discussion on wether the Schulze or de Jorge method should be used.”

There were three channels participants could choose from, one being ‘Roll Call Reggaeton’, and the other ‘Gunnars Greatest’. The third channel ‘AEGEEan Anthems’, played music like Key to Europe, Europe on Track , but also several regional and local anthems, like Brabant and Noorderplantsoen. Like with AEGEE itself, national anthems are not allowed.

Franz from AEGEE-Bielefeld loved the idea: “I really loved listening to all the 70’s and 80’s classics played by DJ Gunnar. We were dancing with our whole row to Take on Me.” The present members of Les Anciens d’AEGEE members were also all tuned in to this channel.

The silent disco was a big hit: About 80 visitors and 20 delegates rented a pair of headphones. Both Veva and Timo from the Chair team confirmed they are wearing a special invisible earpiece tuned in to Roll Call Reggaeton. It is unknown if Timo is wearing it in his left or right ear.

Published by Anna Pamplona

Anna Pamplona is the founder and Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times, and has written many investigative articles. She received the Golden Silver Times-award for her article about unraveling the real location of the CD house in Bielefeld.