During this morning’s plenary, the new Liaison officers were announced and ratified. Our special reporter Salme Kaljurand had an i with some of them last night during the party.

Person 1 during Summer University [Name] in [Year]

How are you feeling about being elected for this position?
In the beginning I felt very [emotion1], but now I feel [emotion2]

Why did you decide to become an Liaison officer?
[Personal story about youth]

Most people think that Liaison officers are just CV hunters. For how many of the current LOs is it true?
[Long monoloque with slight disgust towards even suggesting that this is a thing]

Which tangible results did you produce in the past year?
Well, we achieved [Goal 1], [Goal 2] and [Goal 35]. That’s [Percentage] of the goals we had!

How much work in hours per month does the LO job require?
[Vague story about variation and difficult to keep track]

Do you have advice for AEGEE to improve it?