Sad news: Upon arriving in Pompeii, the whole city turned to be covered in volcanic ashes. The bus full of participants will go to the plenary sessions instead, hoping they will arrive before they are over.

Many visitors were really excited to see the ancient city in it’s full glory, and were really disappointed that this weeks Vesuvius eruption has pretty much ruined most of Pompeii.

One of the organizers of the trip: “We were really glad to finally show our beautiful neighbour city to so many amazing participants 30 years after our last Agora. You can only imagine how truly shocked we were when we saw the results of the erupton.”

Some Dutchies immediately came up with a brilliant plan and launched a crowdfunding: #AEGEE4Pompeii. This way they want to raise money to give the people of Pompeii some funds to start rebuilding their city.

The visitors are expected to arrive at the plenary in about 20 minutes.

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Published by Anna Pamplona

Anna Pamplona is the founder and Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times, and has written many investigative articles. She received the Golden Silver Times-award for her article about unraveling the real location of the CD house in Bielefeld.