“We, the people of AEGEE, were in a busy and crowded station, full of people trying to go somewhere. Amongst the hustle and bustle, two large cages rattle on top of two laden trolleys. They are pushed by two boys, James and Albus Potter.”

The whole plenary gazes towards the stage as Daniël, President of AEGEE-Europe gazes back into the crowd as he slowly starts to realise his mistake.

The book the president accidentally read from

Upon asked, he responds “I had the book with me to read during the interesting plenary, but also my notebook with both the statement of principles and a list of good and bad AEGEEans. When we had to go on to read the statement of principles stage, I was caught off guard and quickly grabbed the wrong book.”

Published by Anna Pamplona

Anna Pamplona is the founder and Chief-in-Editor of the Silver Times, and has written many investigative articles. She received the Golden Silver Times-award for her article about unraveling the real location of the CD house in Bielefeld.