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Dear reader,

Only 2 days before Agora Bucuresti started, a new idea was formed and realised. With a lot of inspiration from a lot of friends within AEGEE, I was able to get the website up & running in virtually no time.

AEGEE is a great organisation, but sometimes arguments or discussions that are important to our whole network can get a bit heated. This is normal, and this is good, but AEGEE should above all be a place of fun. One of the most powerful ways of controlling the mood is humor, especially when things seem heated.

That is the exact reason why I founded the Silver Times. I hope that The Silver Times helped even a tiny bit to lighten moods at moments when things were though, long and boring, or just when you could use a good laugh.

I would love to name all the people that helped out with Ideas, suggestions, stupid jokes, typo fixes, photos and feedback, but there are just to many to do so.

A special thanks go out to all amazing people who wrote or co-wrote articles for the Silver Times. I could not have pushed out so many articles all by myself. I promised anonimity, so I will not disclose the names.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the amount of Ideas that were given to me outran the amount of articles I could write by far!

Thank you.

With lots of love, Anna Pamplona
Member of AEGEE-Bielefeld

See you in Salerno!

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  1. Dear Anna,
    we are two students from Bielefeld, Antje Wittkötter and Birgit Czeschka. Your association sounds really cool! How can we join your association?
    Please reply to us at
    Thank you!
    Birgit and Antje

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