Several Dutchies lead by AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Enschede & AEGEE-Delft have been found to be planning a hostile takeover of the Chair of the Agora. Hostile takeovers are done very often within bars within the Dutch Student culture, but this is the first time this happens within AEGEE on a European level and outside of the Netherlands.

This evil plot was accidentally discovered by our reporter Anna Pamplona when she went to IKEA-Bucuresti to find some Swedish meatballs.

Ps: IKEA (Inter Konnekted Europa Association) used to be the Swedish national level of BEST. It will soon be shut down because now BEST is part of AEGEE it’s not allowed anymore. AISEC is expected to take over IKEA.

BEST member and Agora visitor Irina explains what IKEA is
AEGEE-Enschede & Leiden member and former member of the Chair Tom found to be looking for Chair replacement by our reporter.

Gunnar responds: “I have absolutely never heard of such a bizarre thing ever since I joined AEGEE in 1923, but I am always in favour of trying new ways of improving the democracy within AEGEE.”

The Juridical Commission responds: “We absolutely despise this idea, but nowhere in the CIA does it state that this is forbidden. We will make a statement about it if it actually happens.”