With great pleasure we are announced that with extensive investigative journalism, our reporter Гуннаря Земля have found out who will be the hosting local of Spring Agora 2020!

AEGEE-Vladivostok will host Spring Agora Vladivostok 2020!

Misha Kavronov, main organizer of the Agora: “It is so great we’re finally able to organize an Agora in Russia. We are part of Europe too and we’re really glad to be able to share our Eastern European culture with you while hosting a really great statutory event. To share our enthousiasm with the network, we will soon release our AEGEE-Vladivostok song: Stranger in Vladivostok!”

Participant will be transported between the Plenary hall and the Gym in St. Petersburg by Trans Siberian Express, and to accomodate for this, the Agora will take 2.5 months.

Spring Agora Vladivostok 2020

Rumor has it AEGEE-Reykyavik will host Atumn Agora 2020. The only thing this Icelandic antenna needs to do before the members of the Comité Directeur can accept the candidature is to be founded.

Published by Гуннаря Земля

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