During last night’s social program plenary, the question line for a candidate for a European body was a big mess. That’s why delegates of 3 locals who often participate in question lines (and let’s name the fact here: All Dutchies) will have a motion at the next Agora to reform the question line.

Regular question line participant Hicham: “I really liked the idea, but the music was way too loud and the plenary was way to chaotic. I think my question wasn’t even heard.”

Question line during social program plenary

Chairperson (and Dutchie) Timo admits it was a bit chaotic: “It was by far the most chaotic plenary I’ve ever experienced. I will be discussing with the rest of the Chair team of the Agora how we can improve things for tomorrow’s social program plenary, but for the next agora it should be drastically reformed.”