As you may have noticed already, during Agora Bucharest, Gunnar, honorary member of AEGEE-Europe and former member of of AEGEE-Esslingen (deleted as a contact in 1999) has applied for the role of Member of the Comité.

What not many people noticed, is that this will be his 30th candidature for a European role within AEGEE. For 15 consecutive years, he applied for many different roles within the network, but never got elected.

Former President of AGEEE-Europe Loes has a lot of respect for the fact that he tried so often: “When someone puts so much of his effort and time into writing those application letters for so many years in a row, this should be rewarded”.

Loes also has a plan: “We have been working closely with Les Anciens and arranged that 5 former Presidents of AEGEE-Europe and 10 former members of the Comité Directeur will sign an agreement make Gunnar an Honary Member of the Comité Directeur during Agora Bucharest”.

Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur means that he receives a double of the fee that normal members of the Comité Directeur do, and will get a room to live in in the attic of the CD-house. His membership of the Comité Directeur will be extended indefinitely, and even Gunnar himself cannot choose to step out.

Not many people know about the existence of the role of Honorary Member of the Comité Directeur, and that is because it is not listed in the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense. It is however listed in the Corpus Iuridicum Les Anciens, which as you may know overrules the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense. The CILA also describes the procedure Loes is referring to.

Because Spyros stepped down as President of AEGEE-Europe, Gunnar will become President of AEGEE-Europe effective immediately.

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