Here at the Silver Times we are really delighted to see so many new faces in Bucuresti even the day before the Agora actually started! But, as always, first time Agora participants generally have no clue whatsoever how the AEGEE politics work and how they should behave. That’s why we want to help you a little bit with getting settled and provide you with some easy things to liven up your Agora experience!

  1. Show your love for your country and bring a customized AEGEE-(Your Country) Flag. All the other antennae from your country will unite and you will make new friends in no time! Imagine how many free drinks you will receive!
  2. You can steal the flag or mascot of an antenna and use it as your own. Bonus points if the (soon to be former) owner is holding it firmly. This is exactly how AEGEE-Aachen originally got their Polar bear costumes, as they originally belonged to some former antenna in Siberia.
  3. Propose a Vote of Confidence towards one of the members of the Comité Directeur to show your trust and loyalty in them.
  4. Different cultures are sometimes difficult to understand. That’s why it’s very common to find some friends from your own country. That way you can even talk in your native language. People from other countries will understand you, just not what you’re saying.
  5. When the real parties are over, the party continues in the gym. Bring your boombox and drop ’em some heavy beats.
  6. Bring alcoholic drinks for the volunteers guarding the gym. They will appreciate you thinking about them and probably also let a few mishaps slide if they happen.
  7. Find Gunnar Erth and tell him we should drastically lower the age limit of being a member.

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