In AEGEE, we always strive to leave a carbon footprint as small as possible, and where doable even leave the world a little bit better as we enter it. That’s why our reporter was very delighted to see that AEGEE-Tartu & AEGEE-Eindhoven are organizing a very special Traveling Summer University this year!

During this Traveling Summer University, the participants will see many parts of Estonia and ending in Tartu, then they will take a flight to Bielefeld and travel to the Netherlands from there, visiting The Hague, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

While this is impressive on itself, the fact that it will be completely CO² neutral is way more impressive! Wouter from AEGEE-Eindhoven explains: “With such a widespread summer university, we wanted to create an even more widespread awareness to the environment around us. That’s why we looked for a way to make this trip completely CO² neutral, and i’m very delighted to announce that we managed to do so!”

While Wouter was still impressed with such a genius he was, we asked Hanna from AEGEE-Tartu how they actually managed to do so. “Well, it’s quite easy. At first we wanted to just pay for CO² flight compensation with Wizz Air and just make the fee a bit higher. Then we realised that that would not even be the biggest possible way to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why we decided to take it a step even further, and have participants bring their own cups!”, Hanna says.

Wouter smiles so proudly at this point that he can’t stop himself from interrupting Hanna to explain what the genius part was: “And then it all suddenly clicked! All the pieces of the cake fell in place like a puzzle. The costs for CO² compensation for our flight were about €4,32 per person per flight, so we realised we only had to make our participants bring reusable cups worth €4,32 or more to compensate! And because we want this to really work, we ordered some nice AEGEE-Tarthoven cups that participants are obligated to buy if they don’t bring one. Probably we have too many of them, but we’ll just throw the excess cups away.”