It always moves our hearts here at the Silver Times to see many candidates applying for the Comité Directeur, willing to dedicate a year of their lives to live in Bielefeld and work for AEGEE-Europe.

One of the candidates for CD member was Oksana and we were delighted that she had the availability for us to interview her! So, without further ado; here is our interview with Oksana!

Can you say something about yourself? What was the moment you realized AEGEE is for you?

Well, I was born in a charming Ukrainian city. I’m currently working in the Lviv City Council where a French guy showed me a map of Summer Universities. His language skills impressed me so much, that I decided to join immediately. This is a good way to make the amazing city of Sheffield known not only to AEGEEans but worldwide as a convention destination.

What’s the typical drink & food you bring to European Nights?

A cranberry liqueur, Horilka with pepper, some Varenyky – our typical dumplings, some Lviv chocolate, or a full blown english breakfast. Don’t we all love scrambled eggs?

What was your first position in your local board?

After coming back from being Secretary for a year, I became HR responsible for my Antenna.

What is your biggest frustration in AEGEE?

I feel very frustrated when people don’t use their full potential to find hot showers and tasty food at statutory events.

Oksana smiling broadly during a meeting in Bielefeld

Oksana, thank you so much for joining us today! We understand you are very busy so we’re really grateful you took the time and effort to talk to us. We have one final question: Who would you like us to interview next?

I would definately go for that Ukrainian girl who applied, Oksana. I’m very curious about her motivation and plans! Thank you very much for asking me, and see you somewhere in Europe!