With big efforts made in Bucharest to make the Agora more sustainable, the project “Bring you own cup and plate” is now expanded to other necessary commodities.

From the next Agora on, all participants are asked to bring their own lodging as well. According to Viola (full name known by our editors) organizing an Agora means getting resources to accommodate 600 to 800 participants for like 5 days. “Can you imagine how much electricity and water it takes to keep the gym and plenary halls running?”

Supported by the Comité Directeur of, all consequent Agorae are required to not supply gyms and plenary halls anymore.

“Just let the participants bring their own home. I mean, it is a waste to leave your home unoccupied when travelling across Europe”, an anonymous employee at the headoffice explains. These actions will surely make AEGEE greater and greener again.

When asked for the opinions of the AEGEE members, some members do not take this matter seriously. “How about cutlery? Do we need to bring own forks and knives as well?”, Rik Smale asks himself.

Other members find this new policy a great plan: “Personally I care about the environment, and during the events a lot of buildings are occupied… and I really hate this”, according to one of the organizers of Agora Bucharest.

Agora Leiden 2010 already tried this, according to one of the organizers back then: “We could bring in some tents instead of a gym, Agora Leiden in 2010 proved to be a great success as well with the use of tents. If we could do it then, we can do it now as well. People can keep each other warm, and beside the improvements for the environment this will also improve integration between antennae as well.”

While the autumn Agora is still far ahead, plans are still to be developed. One thing is sure, according to us, the Agora experience will change for the better!