BREAKING – Eindhoven & Tilburg to become Twins!

One more Twin Antenna Announcement! AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Tilburg will become Twin Antennae, naming themselves AEGEE-Brabant! PR representative of AEGEE-Tilburg, Ellen, responds: “We’ve been closer than ever before, and it sometimes feels like we’re only 30 kilometers apart. There was a lot of mutual love, and we decided to share our love with the rest of […]

Veva: Plenary to be over soon

Veva: “People, please be silent! This plenary will be over soon. We just have some announcements, six twin antennae announcements, a presentation, two voting sessions, a discussion with obligatory attendance for Dutch delegates, a christmas party, 5 external parties presenting themselves, the announcement of AEGEE-Vladivostok as host of Spring Agora 2020, a heated disagreement between […]

Found at Lost&Found: True Love

“I was looking for my hoodie without expectation to find anything else than smelly beer-drained T-shirts, and there he was!” AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona We are delighted to announce that the Lost&Found made by the local organizers of Agora Bucuresti turned out to be exceptionally useful! This morning in the gym, AEGEE-Bielefeld member Anna Pamplona […]