An AGORA-L debacle: Subscribed for life

After deep investigations by our reporter Anna Pamplona, we found out that unsubscribing from AEGEE’s mailing lists, AGORA-L seems more impossible than possible.

We still haven’t found a good reason why anyone would ever want to unsubscribe from AGORA-L, but we’re journalists and think outside of the box. So, as a matter of test, we tried unsubscribing from the mailing list. This was not easy.

It started with looking for a way to unsubscribe. After several hours of research, Anna found that at the bottom of each e-mail it has a few lines of information on the mailing list, including the fact that to unsubscribe you have to send ‘signoff AEGEE-AGORA-L’ to a certain email address. It only worked when we sent the e-mail in a non-HTML format, and in UTF-8 encoding. And in cyrillic.

When we finally succesfully managed to send the unsubscription mail, Anna stretched her arms and sat back in her chair for a bit. “It’s done and it was easy”, she said out loud. “The people complaining are just whi-” *plonk*

An automated response had just arrived.

Dear Miss Pamplona,

Thank you for sending an unsubscription request in order to be unsubscribed from AGORA-L. We would kindly like to assist you in the further process of unsubscribing from our mailing distribution list.

In order to verify your identity, we would like you to perform the following steps:

1: Send both a copy and the original of your identity document (Passport, ID-card or if you’re from the United Kingdom, a written letter from Her Majesty the Queen herself confirming your identity) to our headoffices (AEGEE-Europe, Einbahnstrasse 25, 33613 Bielefeld, Germany), preferably through the Europe on Pack parcel and mailing company.

2: Send a spoken video message of yourself to the UNSUBSCRIBE-L distribution list, stating 11 reasons why you don’t want to be subscribed any longer. UNSUBSCRIBE-L has 22.441 recipients, so this is your time to shine.

3: Send a well-engineered application letter for Autumn Agora 2020 to the members of the Comité Directeur to show your loyalty to our glorious leaders.
~ or~
3: Apply for the Secretary General-role within the Comité Directeur and commit to furfill the role for at least 6 months and 23 days to show your loyalty to our glorious leaders.

As soon as you have performed these tasks, we will kindly remove your e-mail address from the AGORA-L mailinglist within a timeframe of three months.

In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us through the UNSUBSCRIBE-L mailing list.

With kind regards,
The members of the Mailing List Committee

Anna sat down for a while and cried a little. Luckily, she recovered fast, and almost immediately her investigative senses kicked in and she quickly contacted the JC.

The JC confirms this way of working fits within the rules of the CIA and it is according to Belgian law and the GDPR: “It is a bit of a stretch, but it does specifically state that in order to comply with a request to unsubscribe from a mailing list or to remove one’s personal data, you are allowed to ask the recipient to perform one or more steps to verify their identity. The members of the Comité Directeur and the IT Committee have chosen to do this because they want AEGEE members to be really really really sure before they quit on of our most amazing mailing lists.”

This was a week ago. Today she finished her tasks, and just got the confirmation that within three months and 23 days after Autumn Agora Bielefeld 2020, she will be an unsubscribed member from AGORA-L and, as she just found out, unsubscribed members are automatically subscribed to the UNSUBSCRIBED-L alumni mailing list after unsubscribing from the unsubscribable AGORA-L subscribers list.

Anna then cried a little more.

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Post-agora Depression to becomes Pre-agora Depression

As always, when traveling home after a big AEGEE event, and especially after an Agora, people de facto get depressed a bit from missing out the addictive positive vibe of being all together with so many lovely and like-minded people, and witnessing democracy at it’s very best.

Good news from the JC! This is about to change. From spring Agora Yerevan on, the depression will be moved to Pre-agora, to make space for the Post-agora voting. The JC explains: “Because we don’t want the members to be too emotional to make wise decisions, we decided to move the Post-agora depression to before the event.”

They were also happy that it got passed in an almost-democratically-approvable way: “The good part about is that we don’t have to pass it through the agora, we just secretly slipped it into this years post-agora voting. And because everyone is so emotional right now, it got passed almost right away.”

Dear Silver Times reader: Thank you for reading our articles during Spring Agora Bucuresti! From now on, new articles will be published scarcely and probably mostly during events that Anna Pamplona is attending. Feel free to keep following the Silver Times both here and on Facebook. You are also free to send in ideas for new articles, even if they are just a headline or the plotline for a joke. And remember, Silence is golden, the rest is silver.

Thank you!

Dear reader,

Only 2 days before Agora Bucuresti started, a new idea was formed and realised. With a lot of inspiration from a lot of friends within AEGEE, I was able to get the website up & running in virtually no time.

AEGEE is a great organisation, but sometimes arguments or discussions that are important to our whole network can get a bit heated. This is normal, and this is good, but AEGEE should above all be a place of fun. One of the most powerful ways of controlling the mood is humor, especially when things seem heated.

That is the exact reason why I founded the Silver Times. I hope that The Silver Times helped even a tiny bit to lighten moods at moments when things were though, long and boring, or just when you could use a good laugh.

I would love to name all the people that helped out with Ideas, suggestions, stupid jokes, typo fixes, photos and feedback, but there are just to many to do so.

A special thanks go out to all amazing people who wrote or co-wrote articles for the Silver Times. I could not have pushed out so many articles all by myself. I promised anonimity, so I will not disclose the names.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the amount of Ideas that were given to me outran the amount of articles I could write by far!

Thank you.

With lots of love, Anna Pamplona
Member of AEGEE-Bielefeld

See you in Salerno!

AEGEE goes commercial: Blue Clapping Company

As a final statement during the closing plenary 2.0, The members of the Comité Directeur decided to reform AEGEE to be a commercial institute. From now on, AEGEE will be renamed to Blue Clapping Company.

All participants of Spring Agora Bucuresti are as of now hired for Blue Clapping Company. On behalf of the Silver Times: Congratulations!

Agora 2020 issue solved with twinning: Yereskva

The Spring Agora 2020 issue has been resolved by the members of the JC and the members of the Comité Directeur who after a really good European Night at 07.00 came up with a brilliant idea!

The members of the JC will propose for AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Yerevan will be forced to become twin antennae and organize the Agora together.

The motion will be proposed after the indicative vote to decite with voting on wether to do the voting secretly.

Dutchies Plot Hostile Replacement of Chair

Several Dutchies lead by AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Enschede & AEGEE-Delft have been found to be planning a hostile takeover of the Chair of the Agora. Hostile takeovers are done very often within bars within the Dutch Student culture, but this is the first time this happens within AEGEE on a European level and outside of the Netherlands.

This evil plot was accidentally discovered by our reporter Anna Pamplona when she went to IKEA-Bucuresti to find some Swedish meatballs.

Ps: IKEA (Inter Konnekted Europa Association) used to be the Swedish national level of BEST. It will soon be shut down because now BEST is part of AEGEE it’s not allowed anymore. AISEC is expected to take over IKEA.

BEST member and Agora visitor Irina explains what IKEA is
AEGEE-Enschede & Leiden member and former member of the Chair Tom found to be looking for Chair replacement by our reporter.

Gunnar responds: “I have absolutely never heard of such a bizarre thing ever since I joined AEGEE in 1923, but I am always in favour of trying new ways of improving the democracy within AEGEE.”

The Juridical Commission responds: “We absolutely despise this idea, but nowhere in the CIA does it state that this is forbidden. We will make a statement about it if it actually happens.”

BREAKING – Eindhoven & Tilburg to become Twins!

One more Twin Antenna Announcement! AEGEE-Eindhoven and AEGEE-Tilburg will become Twin Antennae, naming themselves AEGEE-Brabant!

PR representative of AEGEE-Tilburg, Ellen, responds: “We’ve been closer than ever before, and it sometimes feels like we’re only 30 kilometers apart. There was a lot of mutual love, and we decided to share our love with the rest of the network!”

Public Relations Coordinator Ellen of AEGEE-Tilburg & Former President Hemmo of AEGEE-Eindhoven

Former Twin of AEGEE-Eindhoven, AEGEE-Tartu is heartbroken because they only found out during this very closing plenary by reading this article.

Veva: Plenary to be over soon

Veva: “People, please be silent! This plenary will be over soon. We just have some announcements, six twin antennae announcements, a presentation, two voting sessions, a discussion with obligatory attendance for Dutch delegates, a christmas party, 5 external parties presenting themselves, the announcement of AEGEE-Vladivostok as host of Spring Agora 2020, a heated disagreement between several members of the Comité Directeur and a video of mating polar bears left.”

AEGEE FORMS COUNTRY – KrautCrowd area becomes Monarchy

The members of the Comité Directeur just announced their latest decision: AEGEE will become a Monarchy. The new king Matis the Great is now the King of our network.

Matis crowned King of the newly founded KraudCrowd

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